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2018 Food & Product Beverage Portfolio Build



The purpose of this project is to create an exchange with local stylist, restaurants, distilleries, and breweries - large and small to highlight their most interesting menu items through photography. My unique approach to food and beverage photography captures not just the selection, but the ambiance and style that come along with the dining experience. This is at no cost to you! The images created from the build will be used to showcase my style and proficiency photographing food and product beverage. Everyone owns a camera, but that’s a small portion of what’s needed to create compelling, aesthetically appealing images.



To see my existing work and profile, visit my website.    



  • The partner will agree to a consultation with the photographer to discuss the shoot in detail. This will also allow an opportunity to discuss marketing and styling concepts, a review of the venue, as well as the planning for the vision of the items to be photographed.


  • Within the same day of shooting, the maximum of three menu items will be photographed. The chef or stylist will be responsible for the styling of the menu items and the photographer reserves the right to make subtle alterations.


  • The photographer will be shooting in studio or on location in your venue. During the consultation there will be the need to address the best times of day to complete the shoot of the menu items. We want to be sure the shoot does not interfere with business, traffic or flows of the establishment or the quality of the dining experience.


  • Participants will be required to sign a model and property release which will release the rights of all images, layout and design to the photographer for use in advertising, marketing, stock submission and for their promotion in print, on line and social media. 


  • Participants agree to appear in my client listing.  


  • The final images will be selected, edited and retouched to the photographer’s style, standard and prepped for the partner for submission at an agreed upon date.   




Once the portfolio is launched, participants will receive high and low-resolution formats of the final created images via FTP download. Accompanying the images will be an image release providing standard rights for use of the images in print advertising, trade and social media.

If you, or any other establishment would have an interest in participating in the build, please click here to request a consultation or email George Mitchell at: info@GMitchellPhoto.com


Best Regards,

George Mitchell